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Medical Case Management

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Medical case management is a collaborative process that facilitates recommended treatment plans to assure the appropriate medical care is provided to disabled, ill or injured individuals. It is a role frequently overseen by patient advocates. 

An unexpected accident or a life-changing illness can happen at any time to anyone. When this happens you are thrown into a situation of uncertainty, and with a sudden need for help. 

You can trust our team of nurses to help you through this process.

Our team of experts at Practical Case Management care about your employees and treat them like family.  Our goal is to return an injured or disabled individual to a productive lifestyle. 

Our nurses are respected in the industry and offer quality, expertise in their field and a results-oriented approach to medical case management. 

We strive to reduce the impact of injury and cost.  A work injury is costly when measured by a medical expenses, lost productivity and a disrupted life.  Effective case management can effectively change this. By reducing the life impacts of the injury, we reduce costs.

Whether the need is long term or short term, our nurses have the knowledge to handle your needs. No matter if it's a simple injury or one more complex or catastrophic, our team can make a difference. 

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