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Welcome to Practical Case Management.

With years of experience in the Medical Case Management field, Practical Case Management is ready to serve you in the following service areas: Medical Case Management, Telephonic Case Management, Field Case Management, Catastrophic Case Management.  Your injury is our priority and we always offer the highest level of customer service to our clients.  Our service areas include Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. 

Image by National Cancer Institute

I have been an adjuster at Thomas McGee for 20 yrs. I have worked with many nurse case managers throughout the years. When I was given the KS Livestock account roughly 10 yrs ago, it was an all new territory for me and one thing stood out when reviewing the files.. Karen Hamilton. I saw her name in most of the files and thought okay she can surely help me navigate this large Western KS region both geographically and help me get up to speed on all these new files. One call is all it took, Karen was able to give me all the details on each case, each Doctor, each location, each provider. She quickly became my daily call as I worked through all these new files.

Rachel Fondaw

Sr. Claims Advisor

Thomas McGee Group

Nicki being in Wichita made sense for the two of them to work together with appointments  and coordinate between providers and locations. I quickly saw the introduction to Nicki was seamless and done with ease. I have worked with Nicki the last 8 years on multiple accounts. She is dedicated, diligent, straight forward and honest in her handling of patient care, client interaction, and adjuster relationships. I have been able to recommend Nicki to other adjusters in our office knowing the quality of care she will give on each file.

Rachel Fondaw

Sr. Claims Advisor

Thomas McGee Group

Medical Consultation

I’ve been an incomplete, partial paraplegic for more than 40 years.  I’ve had the pleasure of having Nicki as my Nurse Case Manager for a dozen years or so.  Her compassion and knowledge of physicians from many fields from around the state are a great advantage for her to insure I get the very best care available.   She is also familiar with the unique needs of spinal injured persons.  As I age my mobility and strength has decreased and Nicki has been very supportive when searching for and acquiring equipment and therapies to improve my quantity of life.  Nicki also fosters a good working relationship with insurance company contacts which streamlines the acquisition process.


I can’t imagine a more capable partner to have to ease the difficulties of a major injury.


Injured Worker


Image by National Cancer Institute
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